Kuroko Thursday March 27th, 2014

Kuroko are stagehands in traditional Japanese theatre, who dress all in black. In kabuki, the kuroko serve many of the same purposes as running crew. They move scenery and props on stage, aiding in scene changes and costume changes. They will also often play the role of animals, will-o-the-wisps, or other roles which are played not by an actor in full costume, but by holding a prop. Kuroko wear all black, head to toe, in order to imply that they are invisible and not part of the action onstage. Graduation work of Haruka Suzuki (Kanazawa College of Art) places kurokos in modern world and presents them as unseen part of everyday life.

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Trip: The Virgin Atlantic Safety Film Monday March 10th, 2014

Long ago, Virgin Airways embraced the simple fact that no one pays attention to the poor flight attendants as they drone on mechanically about oxygen masks and flotation devices. So here comes a new safety film of Virgin Atlantic from Art&Graft studio, all the necessary facts and tribute to the cinema in one pack.
More info at Art&Graft site.

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London’s Hero Sunday October 20th, 2013

London’s Hero is an animation collaboration featuring six of London’s best animation studios, hosted at ZED, HP’s Pop-Up Studio in London’s central SOHO from the 25th of September through the 16th of October. Each studio team animated a different life stage of London’s newest superhero.

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